Pi Alpha Mentor Program

Help prepare future Pi Alphas for the summer of a lifetime.

The purpose of the Pi Alpha Mentor program is to cultivate relationships between current team members and Pi Alphas. Through this program, team members will gain additional support and insight from an experienced alumnus as they prepare for their summer experience. In addition, this program will create an opportunity for Pi Alphas to engage in the mission and continue their involvement with The Ability Experience.


Through frequent contact with mentees, Pi Alpha Mentors provide insight about trip and personal experience while understanding that each person’s experience will be different. They support participants by encouraging and potentially participating in their training, as well as support their fundraising efforts. Additionally, Pi Alpha Mentors are asked to send care packages to mentees during the course of their trip.


Mentors are expected to have contact with mentees at least once per month, preferably in-person. Pi Alpha Mentors are expected to participate in an orientation call before being assigned a mentee. Pi Alpha Mentors are expected to appropriately represent the values and ideals of Pi Kappa Phi and Ability Experience. Should mentors not have accurate knowledge of questions mentees may have, they should refer to a staff representative.


Applications for Pi Alpha Mentor are accepted year-round. Orientation takes place between September and October each year, with the goal of connecting to mentees as early as November. Addition mentees may be assigned as late as March of the event year.

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