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The Ability Experience

Journey of Hope

Mail Drops 

Attention friends and family! As all three routes of Journey of Hope are making their way across the country, team members may need that little extra push from you in the form of a care package to get them through some hard miles between now and Washington, D.C. Below you'll find the mail drops for all three Journey of Hope teams. At the end of each address block, please remember to include "Attn: Journey of Hope (Team Member Name)" in order to ensure that your son receives his package. Your mail/packages MUST arrive by the "Arrive by" dates listed below; there will be no forwarding of mail that has arrived after the deadlines. Please contact the The Ability Experience office with any questions!

Journey of Hope North Mail Drops 

2018 Mail Drops are still being planned. Check back in May 2018 for more information!