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Summer Fellowship 

Summer Fellowship is a program created to provide financial support ($500-$1,000) to a member of Pi Kappa Phi seeking to become a camp counselor at a camp that supports people with disabilities. The Ability Experience promotes this program to Pi Kappa Phis as an added incentive should they choose to work at a summer camp designed specifically for people with disabilities.

Members who have participated in this program have come away with some of the best life experience when working with people with disabilities. There is no better way to learn about a person than spending time with them day in and day out. Summer camp experiences are the ultimate in interaction and provide a great opportunity for more than just a surface encounter of meeting someone once or twice. Members get to know the campers on a very personal level.

If you are a camp supporting people with disabilities and are looking for camp counselors, please contact the chapter services team at chapterservices@abilityexperience.org.