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June 2012

As Push America’s summer is certainly in full swing, there are plenty of ways you can track the teams’ progress, and stay informed of everything going on at Push America. Whether it’s tracking the Journey of Hope teams with OnAsset, reading journals or joining us in Washington, D.C. on August 5, hopefully you can be a part of our summer! Note: In case you didn’t receive our e-mail last week about our phone outages, please bear with us as we work through those issues. Our number, (704) 504-2400, is still working, but transferring can be an issue. Please email pushamerica@pushamerica.org if you can’t get through by telephone. Thanks! 

Keeping Up With Push America's Team Events

Thanks to the very generous support of OnAsset, a third-year corporate sponsor, you can track each Journey of Hope team’s progress on the road every day! Through their patented tracking technology, family, friends and supporters are able to keep up with the teams as they cycle from city to city. You can also keep up with teams by reading journals and viewing team pictures!  Full Story  

Anniversary/Arrival Celebration – Washington, D.C. – August 5

2012 is Push America’s 35th anniversary, in addition to Journey of Hope’s 25th and Build America’s 10th. Coinciding with Pi Kappa Phi’s Supreme Chapter, the three Journey of Hope teams and the Build America team will be arriving on the Capitol lawn at 11 a.m. on Sunday, August 5 to an expected crowd of nearly 1,500 friends, family, Pi Kappa Phi alumni and more!   Full Story  

Phonathon 2012

It’s that time of year again! The fifth annual Phonathon is upon us and we need your help! This year Push America is turning 35, and what better way to celebrate than making this Phonathon the biggest ever? Last year’s Phonathon raised approximately $33,000, and this year we are looking to break that previous mark.  Full Story   

Help Sponsor a Journey of Hope Team in Your City!

Although things are well underway, Push America’s directors of logistics are still hard at work on securing meals and lodging for a few spots on each route of Journey of Hope. Full Story 

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