Pi Kappa Phi philanthropy gives back to those with disabilities

Photo courtesy of Chris Dourov

The philanthropy is run and operated by Pi Kappa Phi, the only Greek organization in the country that runs its own philanthropic effort.

Ben Hook, Pi Kappa Phi president, said the purpose of The Ability Experience is to raise awareness for disabled people and make sure they are recognized by their abilities and not their disabilities.

“The Ability Experience is owned by Pi Kappa Phi, so it’s quite literally a philanthropy that is part of our fraternity and not an organization that we donate to,” Hook said.

One of the ways the fraternity raises money for The Ability Experience is by holding an annual bike-a-thon on Hayden Lawn.

“What we do specifically is we hold a bike-a-thon in the spring, which is basically where we get six stationary bikes and it is a 48-hour stationary bike marathon where the pedals never stop moving,” he said. “So we are keeping the pedals moving and never stop for 48 hours to show our solidarity in that people with disabilities have to deal with adversity nonstop all the time.”

The inclusion of disabled people during the bike-a-thon is an important part in raising awareness for the philanthropy and those who may suffer from disabilities themselves, Hook said.

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