The Ability Experience rides through Butte, Montana

This is the Trans America team. They are one of three groups of young men in the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity from a variety of colleges across the U.S., riding across the country as part of the Ability Experience.

“I decided to do it because of the cause. We’re not just cycling across the country but we’re doing it to help raise money in support of people with disabilities,” said Deshe Gully of Long Beach, CA. On their stops the group gives out grants to local organizations.

“We’re going to be stopping at multiple locations having friendship visits getting to directly work with people we are raising money for,” said Alex Emeigh of Virginia.

The team is averaging about 75 miles a day with a few 100 mile days on the journey. “We’ve see a lot. A lot of mountains, a lot of hills and a lot of heat. It’s been tough but every single time we get to the friendship visit it’s worth it,” said Emeigh.

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