Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Bowls for Spina Bifida

The fraternity brothers are with a group called “Journey of Hope” and bowled with a group of athletes who compete despite the challenges of spina bifida and other conditions. The members are spending their summer bicycling across the country, helping local charities and raising awareness about disabilities.

One of the athletes with spina bifida said, “There’s a lot of disabilities that people just don’t know enough about and these guys are going around to raise awareness. I mean, that’d be amazing. I would love to do that.” A fraternity brother we spoke with said, “I don’t see them for their disability anymore, he’s paralyzed or got spina bifida, it’s like they’re a person hanging out and can’t walk and that is not something I had before.”

Journey of Hope has already raised $600,000. By the time their cross country trip ends, the brother will have bicycled 4,000 miles.

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