We have just wrapped up our second day of crew training to learn and effectively do our new jobs for Gear Up Florida. The day was full of new duties that were assigned to each of the crew members to help the trip go off without a hitch for when we leave for Florida and have to perform these incredibly unique and inspiring tasks. Each person has a very different set of skills that will cover the areas of Crew Chief who is Jesse Sheplow and will being making sure that everything that is happening on the road will be managed well and he will be monitoring the riders and the crew to ensure that they have everything that they could need. The next position that was trained with us today was the Operations Coordination who will be making sure that we as crew staff will be on our jobs everyday to make sure that everything will run smoothly and everything that is supposed to have been done gets done.


With those jobs seeing a lot of different aspects of each positions there are many different positions that will make everything work smoothly other daily tasks that will make the trip a massive success. The next position was the Historian who is Chandler Crean and the bulk of his job is to take a ton of pictures of this amazing event which started by him taking great photos of us doing things around the head quarters today. Jason Ott is the volunteer relations who was able to start his job early with thank you cards for all of the amazing organizations that we will be working with over the next few weeks when we embark on this trip. Financial Coordinator is Andrew Gonzalez who will be keeping a budget to be kept while on a trip and make sure that people do not go over. People will be all doing very different jobs and those are working together to complete what needs to be done on that day. We overall were very happy at the end of an amazing day with Chipotle that was sponsored by Cameron Paterson who is a Pi Alpha who was a part of crew on the Gear Up Florida trip as a Historian.