Team Member Tuesday – Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey, Kappa Eta (SUNY – Geneseo)

Event: Build America 2020

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Why did you sign up for this event?
Last summer I was truly able to see the impact that Build America made on all six of the camps we visited. We flipped the counselors and campers perceptions of what fraternity stands for while also showing that Pi Kappa Phi is a fraternity people can be proud of. Being able to make an impact, change perceptions, and make bonds with campers/brothers made me want to come back and possibly lead Build America. I hope to be Project Manager and show this new team how Build America really exemplifies the Ability Experience.

Why did you decide to come back for another event?
I was able to make such an impact on the camps and they truly made an impact on me. I never forgot any of the camps or the campers we met and hope that I can make even more friendships this summer. I wouldn’t be coming back if it wasn’t for the amazing campers that truly showed me what The Ability Experience mission is.

What are you most excited for this summer?
I’m most excited to be able to build for these camps, last summer some of the hardest projects we had brought the team together and when we finished it felt amazing. Being able to see the campers and the counselors use what we build truly helps you understand how much a tiny job can impact their everyday living.

What is your favorite memory with The Ability Experience?
At the Akron Rotary Camp, the campers dressed us up as monsters and they painted us. They were laughing so much and having so much fun telling us what dance moves to do and what to say. This was our first camp of BAM ’19 but shows that just being there for the campers and having fun with them will make them laugh forever.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I am the only brother from my chapter to do Build America, I will also be the only 2x Pi Alpha

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