Zeta Alpha (Clemson) partners with ClemsonLIFE for Kickball Game

Pi Kappa Phi’s Zeta Alpha Chapter at Clemson partnered with the ClemsonLIFE program for their annual kickball game on November 4, an event that they have been coordinating together since 2016.

ClemsonLIFE is a program that provides students with disabilities the opportunity to partake in a two-year program that teaches them life and academic skills and knowledge. These students can either be in the basic or advanced program offered by ClemsonLIFE, and can successfully receive a certificate of postsecondary education.

Thomas Stuppi, the Zeta Alpha Chapter philanthropy chairman, said the chapter has been involved with ClemsonLIFE throughout the program’s existence, such as through supporting ClemsonLIFE’s fundraising efforts and by spending time with students at their apartments.

“No matter how we have helped, the ability to spend time with these students is rewarding for us and for them, and everyone walks away smiling,” Stuppi said.

According to Stuppi, ClemsonLIFE has become very popular and the Zeta Alpha chapter had to meet with the program leaders early in order to schedule their annual event, with an additional barbecue this year.

Additionally, the chapter has been able to utilize its involvement with the Clemson University Outdoor Lab to continue to put on this event. Stuppi said that both the Zeta Alpha Chapter and students in the ClemsonLIFE program have been involved in the maintenance and operations of the lab, allowing them to continue their ongoing relationship.

“We are fortunate to have resources such as these to connect us evermore to the Ability Experience and its mission. Being able to combine university programs and national Pi Kappa Phi programs is truly what we treasure the most from working with ClemsonLIFE. We are able to represent the national fraternity within the University, and emphasize what The Ability Experience is all about.”