ROCK Challenge Recap

YOU helped us build something special this summer through the ROCK Community Challenge. 

Wow. Thanks to 135 generous donors contributing over $12,500 to the annual ROCK Community Challenge in August, The Ability Experience was able to really ROCK ‘n Roll again this summer. Your support helped us led the Charlotte community in 3 of the 4 weeks of fundraising competition! 

The ROCK Family of Companies that sponsors this regional fundraising competition also awarded The Ability Experience an additional $11,525 in bonuses for the strong response we received. 

Now that earns us some bragging rights … and YOU made that happen. 

During the first two momentum-filled weeks, Journey of Hope North and South teams vied for the right to ride into DC first with the highest summer fundraising record. It was so fun to watch the numbers rise, and everyone join in on the fun, while team members cycled hard and pushed through for some of the special people they met with and got to know at our partner organizations across the country.  

Our partners have been incredibly resilient in light of COVID, and we were thrilled to an additional $10,218 in ROCK donations added to this effort, and earned both teams additional grants from the Porterfield and Tirado Memorial Funds to award our partners who serve the disability community.  

YOU, our donors, made all of these wins a reality. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

You can check out the 2021 ROCK Community Challenge Charlotte leaderboard to get all the deets. 

Your support moved mountains for the communities we serve, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store next year with your continued love and support through more opportunities like the ROCK Community Challenge.