Now Hiring for the Summer of a Lifetime

Journey of Hope and Gear Up Florida wouldn’t have three decades of impact without a good crew. Get the internship or course credit you need through a once-in-a-lifetime program that will set you apart from your peers. These events require leaders who can balance a specific role while supporting the needs of the larger team. The hard work done from the road each day pays off when you get to see the impact it has on our friends across the nation, make lifelong connections with your team and experience all the country has to offer.



If you need an internship or course credit in finance, operations, logistics, communications, media or public relations, crew positions give you the opportunity to fulfill your obligations in a fast-paced environment with a unique mission and scope. Pi Alpha alumni will tell you that having a crew experience on their resume helps get them the interview, but their experience from that summer prepares them to land the job.

Crew positions provide for a unique paid internship opportunity with a nationwide network of alumni and supporters, but the benefit doesn’t stop there. Crew alumni will often tell you the greatest value they got from the trip were the shared experiences from friendship visits, the relationships built with team members and seeing some of the most iconic places the country has to offer.


Ability Experience is looking for Pi Kapps who can work in a fast-paced environment, identify and solve problems, manage time and lead peers to a common goal. From the driver’s seat, you manage a crucial role in the success of the program while ensuring the team can reach their destination each day.


Initiated, Associate, or Alumni Member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

At least 21 years of age at the time of the event

A valid driver’s license and good driving record

Pursuing or having acquired a college degree

Must meet fundraising requirements prior to the start of the event

All crew members are required to attend crew training and crew debrief. Crew members are responsible for transportation to Crew Training and back home from Crew Debrief sites. The Ability Experience will cover travel, lodging and meal costs from Crew Training to Orientation as well as travel, lodging and meals during Crew Debrief.


What are you waiting for? Apply today, refer a member, or schedule an interest call to learn more. Contact Patrick Carlson with any questions.

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Keeping a good ledger is no easy task while traveling across the country, but this position works with the Crew Chief and Project Manager to make sure the team stays on track.


A tough, yet rewarding position that helps oversee the team's safety and ensures the team is fed on the road. As the team's second in command, you will work with the Project Manager to address any route changes or issues that may come up on the road.


During the summer, teams meet with hundreds of volunteers and organizations that support you with a place to stay, a meal, a fun activity or a Friendship Visit (sometimes more than one). This position ensures that our partners are appreciated and have a phenomenal experience meeting with the team.


Our events reach millions of people every year, and it is this position’s job to ensure media outlets are able to meet with the team for interviews and news stories. They will work with interns in the office to plan for arrivals and get as much media coverage as possible from small towns to major cities.


What’s better than spending your summer sharing inspirational stories, pictures of amazing scenery, and special moments at Friendship Visits? This position gets to do it all so that friends, family, and many others can be a part of your amazing trip from anywhere.


Capturing the best summer of your life can be a big job. This position is here to ensure that the team can look back on the memories for a lifetime. They also take pictures of the team with every volunteer that supports you, so they have something to remember us by.