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Cycling for a Journey of Hope

A generation of college-aged bicyclists have not only seen the historical and cultural thread of the United States from the seat of their two-wheel mode of transportation but they also feel satisfied in knowing that they are making a difference with those less fortunate than them.

Journey of Hope, News

Journey Of Hope Spreads Message Of Acceptance And Understanding

When strong, gifted folks take the time to help those who are differently-abled, few things in life are more beautiful. It's the same when young, promising members of one of the finest and most academically oriented fraternities in the country spend their summer bicycling across the entire span U.S.A. in order to raise money and, "to spread a message of acceptance and understanding for people with disabilities" as the website for The Ability Experiences' Journey of Hope puts it. It's hard not be impressed by such generosity.

Journey of Hope, News

Bike trek has lasting impact on Pi Kapp leaders

The cycling trek lasted only two weeks, but the lives touched along the 865-miles of Gear Up Florida's route won't soon forget Pi Kappa Phi members like Sean Austin, Zack Cockerham, and Austin Craft. The Northwestern State University students were among the 31 cyclists and crewmembers riding across Florida to re-shape the perception of people with disabilities.