Welcome to Pi Kapp College for Chapter Officers

We are excited for the opportunity to connect with you and your chapter! You are the leaders of this Fraternity and have the opportunity to truly change the was society views people with disabilities and fraternities. This page outlines some of the unique opportunities you and your chapter has through The Ability Experience!

True leaders empower others — and learn through experience. As the only national fraternity to establish and maintain its own non-profit organization, we pride ourselves in taking the lead when we see a need and have set the fraternal standard for hands-on, service-based leadership training. Through The Ability Experience you are taught how to be an effective leader and work better as a team. And you learn that it really is far greater to give than receive.

We encourage you to speak with an Ability Experience staff member this weekend and join us for breakfast on Sunday to learn more about crafting your resume and how these incredible experiences that are ONLY offered to you as a member of Pi Kappa Phi, can be a huge benefit!

Volunteer Partnership

The Ability Experience is investing $75,000 in establishing new volunteer partnerships! Any chapter that does not have an existing volunteer partnership just needs to work with The Ability Experience to find a local partner. Once the first event is scheduled, The Ability Experience will send a $1,000 check to present at the event!

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Ability Camp

Ability Camps are national service projects that provide funding and manpower to build and renovate structures for camps and facilities serving the disability community. You will have the chance to construct projects like accessible fishing piers, boardwalks, pavilions, playgrounds and more in an effort to highlight the abilities of people with disabilities.

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Journey of Hope

Take on the adventure of a lifetime as a cyclist or crew member, traveling from Seattle or San Francisco to Washington, DC. Along the way, you will see incredible sights and meet amazing people. You’ll enjoy Friendship Visits with organizations, participating in activities like cookouts, dances, wheelchair basketball and more. You will have a summer experience that is unmatched anywhere and will separate you from other job candidates once you graduate and start your career!

Crew Positions still available for 2024!
Cyclist positions are currently on a waitlist for 2024!


Let's Ride!

Gear Up Florida

This two-week trip from Miami, FL to Tallahassee, FL has become a favorite for alumni and students who are not able to dedicate a full summer. This 900-mile trek will take across the state, enjoying Friendship Visit activities like Miracle League baseball, wheelchair rugby, cookouts, dances and much more! Gear Up Florida is the perfect event for those that still need to work during the summer but still wait that memorable experience on the road!

Crew members still needed for 2024!
Cyclist positions on currently on waitlist for 2024.

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The Ability Experience Challenges

The Ability Experience Challenges are your way to help impact the lives of people with disabilities across the country while challenging yourself mentally and physically. These events are open to anyone that want to challenge themselves in order to promote the abilities of all people.

Through The Ability Experience Challenge events, we are providing opportunities for people of all abilities to come together to complete a common goal of a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon. Whether you decide to walk, run, or roll, you can help provide an opportunity for athletes with disabilities to share in the same or similar experience. Funds raised through these events help provide more inclusive events for people of all abilities.

Accept the Challenge!