Journey of Hope 2019

Participant Center

Welcome to the 2019 JOH team roster! This is your home for preparing for your trip. Please bookmark this page and check back every couple weeks for updates and resources to be successful as a team member. Remember, we’re here to help, so please reach out with questions and concerns.

Check Fundraising Page


  • Orientation & Travel Details HERE
  • Overall Fundraising Incentives have been announced! If you’re ahead of your goal, you can earn even more than the summer of a lifetime. Worried about your goal? Review our Fundraising Policy.
  • Final Fundraising Deadline: May 31 – Cyclists: $6,000 | Crew: $3,000
  • Before You Arrive: Provide your travel info | Complete drug test 🚲 Ride 250 miles! 🚲 Training Webinar & Quiz 🚲 CPR Certification (Crew) 🚗
  • Please submit any missing administrative items ASAP!
NovemberRecordingQuiz - Due 11/20
DecemberRecordingQuiz - Due 12/20
Mission WebinarRecordingQuiz - Due 12/20
JanuaryRecordingQuiz - Due 1/20
FebruaryRecordingQuiz - Due 2/20
MarchRecordingQuiz - Due 3/20
AprilRecordingQuiz - Due 4/20
NEW RecordingFinal Quiz (JOH ONLY) - Due 5/20

Requirements & Deadlines

Getting Started

Make sure you scheduled your 30-minute Onboarding Call with your Regional Director to explain everything you need to know. We’ll talk you through Getting Started FundraisingTraining, and expectations going forward. Don’t forget to email your your fundraising plan and letter to your Regional Director for feedback before your next call.

If you were recently accepted to the team, your goal is to complete all past requirements and raise $1,000 in your first 30 days.

We list the most important to-dos right here for you to check off. Journey of Hope is like taking another class, you have to put in the time and effort to get the results. Fundraising, training, communication, webinars, quizzes, and other administrative items are all important to keeping your spot on the roster. If you miss multiple items, you could be removed from the roster and moved to a waitlist. For questions and concerns, contact your Regional Director or

Important Deadlines

RequirementsDue DateInstructions
Monthly Phone CallMonthlySchedule a Call each month with your Regional Director. Select Team Member Catch-up Call for a quick 15 minute chat or Consultation Call if you need more time.
Fundraising DeadlinesMonthly Fundraising Requirements are set every other month to ensure you're going to hit your Fundraising Minimum. Benchmarks along the way help you keep pace. You may be removed from the roster if you fail to hit a deadline, but remember, we're here to help you reach your goal.
Training Requirements 🚲MonthlyHit Training Requirements each month by record workouts in TrainingPeaks. Use Training Center for help!
Training Webinars & Quizzes 🚲MonthlyWatch Benefitness Partners Webinars & complete corresponding quizzes. Live webinar times are announced in each month's newsletter and links to recording are posted afterward.
Mission Webinar & Quiz12/20/19Attend or watch recording of mission-focused webinar which also explains where your fundraising goes & complete corresponding quiz
Get a Bike 🚲12/31/18Have your bike and be ready to ride outside as weather permits. Use our Getting a Bike Guide and check out the AbEx Bike Market. Let your Regional Director know on your next call.
Liability Waiver12/31/18Read and agree to the terms of our event liability waiver by providing a digital signature. SUBMIT HERE
LAB Traffic Skills 101 Course1/31/19Pass League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 Course with score >80%. CLICK HERE & Select "Begin Course". Estimated time: 2-4 hours. Screenshot your score on the final page and SUBMIT HERE.
Safety Management Plan Test2/28/19Read Policies & Procedures and Safe Cycling Guidelines, then pass SMP Test with score >80%.
Security Deposit2/28/19Pay a $100 Security Deposit which covers liability of equipment and vehicles during the event. Remaining balance will be refunded at end of event.
Medical History Form2/28/19Print and submit completed Medical History Form. Cyclists MUST receive a physical examination and bring blank form to be signed AND stamped by your physician. Crew Members may leave physician's section at bottom blank. SUBMIT HERE
Health Insurance Card2/28/19All team members must provide proof of insurance by scanning or taking a legible picture of the FRONT & BACK of your health insurance card. SUBMIT HERE.
Regional Team Training 🚲March & AprilAttend a RTT weekend near you or complete Alternative RTT. DETAILS HERE
South Orientation Special Requirement4/30/19Instructions
Drug Test5/20/19Check for an email from that includes your ID number and instructions to get tested at a LabCorp center near you.
CPR Certification 🚗 5/20/19Crew members are required to receive Adult First Aid/CPR training through an "Online & In person" or "In person" class. To find a class near you, visit The Red Cross. Certifications are valid for 2 years and are to be obtained at your own expense.
Travel Plans5/20/19Notify your Regional Director of your travel plans to orientation. If flying, include flight number and arrival time. DETAILS HERE
🚲 = Cyclists Only | 🚗 = Crew Only


Monthly Call

You are expected to have a call with your Regional Director every month. This time is for you. How can we help you? Come in with questions and be ready to talk about upcoming deadlines and what you’re doing to be successful. Even if you are struggling, we want to hear from you and help! Regional Director Map
Benefitness Partners

Training Center

Your personal training program. Get signed up immediately and start interacting with our great coaches at Benefitness Partners, Corey and Alan.

Cycling Events Manual

This manual contains everything you (and your parents) need to know about your trip. It will give you ideas for fundraising and answer lots of questions you and your supporters might have. You should receive a print version in the mail as well.
Join the official 2019 Ability Experience Team Events Facebook Group. It's a great place to connect with other great leaders from Build America, Gear Up Florida and Journey of Hope. Post questions, share ideas and get to know your future teammates!