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Theta Tau hosts empathy dinner

HIGH POINT, N.C., Dec. 17, 2014 Ð Pi Kappa Phi hosted an Empathy Dinner for the second year in a row to increase awareness of people who live with disabilities. Each participant experienced a disability for the night; some were blindfolded while others could only eat with one arm.



If you have been to [Missouri State's] Rockstar before, you may be familiar with last year's winner, junior Adam Grimes (Theta Lambda (Missouri State)). His impressive voice helped his fraternity win Rockstar again, which is a homecoming event.


Pi Kappa Phi: A new era

This spring, Sigma Phi Epsilon closed the Mississippi Alpha chapter. Their fraternity house was without letters, though faint outlines of Sigma Phi Epsilon could be seen when students returned for the fall semester. Then, a new fraternity moved in.