The Shared Experience Podcast

The Ability Experience is a nonprofit organization with a simple mission: create shared experiences with people with disabilities and members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. We do so through a variety of volunteer events, bringing students together from across the country to bike, build, and create lasting memories. Our host, Zorth Pilonieta is a two-time team event alumnus. Join us as we explore the many unique stories that make up The Ability Experience.

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Our host, Zorth Pilonieta

Zorth is a Pi Kappa Phi brother from the Zeta Eta (South Florida) chapter, and a two time Pi Alpha, having cycled Journey of Hope in 2011 and Ability Challenge Europe in 2017. When he is not hosting the podcast, Zorth volunteers as a cycling safety coach for The Ability Experience summer events.

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Our flagship episode features Chael Williams, Theta Alpha (Southern Mississippi), a 2019 Journey of Hope South Route cyclist. Join us as Chael shares his experience with The Ability Experience.

“Living in a wheelchair is never easy, but no one said life was easy.”

Kyle Pease, Eta Delta (Kennesaw State) is a four-time Iron Man and co-founder of the Kyle Pease Foundation. Listen in as Kyle sheds light on his journey as a competitive athlete and how he continues to push the envelope to inspire and motivate us all.