The Shared Experience Podcast

The Ability Experience is a nonprofit organization with a simple mission: create shared experiences with people with disabilities and members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. We do so through a variety of volunteer events, bringing students together from across the country to bike, build, and create lasting memories. Our host, Zorth Pilonieta is a two-time team event alumnus. Join us as we explore the many unique stories that make up The Ability Experience.

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Our host, Zorth Pilonieta

Zorth is a Pi Kappa Phi brother from the Zeta Eta (South Florida) chapter, and a two time Pi Alpha, having cycled Journey of Hope in 2011 and Ability Challenge Europe in 2017. When he is not hosting the podcast, Zorth volunteers as a cycling safety coach for The Ability Experience summer events.

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Our flagship episode features Chael Williams, Theta Alpha (Southern Mississippi), a 2019 Journey of Hope South Route cyclist. Join us as Chael shares his experience with The Ability Experience.

“Living in a wheelchair is never easy, but no one said life was easy.”

Kyle Pease, Eta Delta (Kennesaw State) is a four-time Iron Man and co-founder of the Kyle Pease Foundation. Listen in as Kyle sheds light on his journey as a competitive athlete and how he continues to push the envelope to inspire and motivate us all.

Gear Up Florida 2020 team member and now five-time Pi Alpha, David Dalton, Beta Nu (Houston), reflects on his time with the organization. Find out where this year’s virtual event stacks up against his previous cycling event experiences on this episode of The Shared Experience. (Dalton participated in Gear Up Florida 2001 and 2020 as a cyclist, 2003 and 2004 as a crew member, as well as a cyclist on the 2002 Journey of Hope south team)

On this episode of #TheSharedExperience, our host Zorth Pilonieta sits down with Ryan Thibodaux, Gamma Iota (LSU). Learn how Ryan is balancing family, his dental practice, and playing in one of New Orleans’ top bands all while taking on the challenge of riding segments of the Journey of Hope South Route in the wake of COVID-19.

Journey of Hope Ride Along Challenge: