Family & Friends

The Ability Experience believes the parents, family and friends of team members play an integral role in the experience each team will have this summer. Please look through the links on the rest of the The Ability Experience website for information regarding specific events.

Family members, has your team member…


…set up his online profile?
…started telling everyone about his upcoming summer?
…created his first month calendar/timeline?
…read the manual cover to cover and reviewed all other support materials?
…brainstormed a list of potential sponsors and created a database for mailings?
…sent out fundraising e-mails?
…visited the Chamber of Commerce?
…set up meetings with civic clubs?
…planned his first fundraising event?
…sent out press releases to school and hometown media?
…paid his security deposit?

We know there are lots of questions from family and friends about the upcoming summer of service. Please feel free to contact Chelsea Ball at (980) 318-5395.