Volunteer FAQs

Find answers to your questions about volunteering on this page.

Can I help out without being financially obligated?

Absolutely! There are many levels of volunteer support for The Ability Experience events. While we are happy to receive your financial support by ways of donation or gift provided, many of our volunteers help out through their gift of service. We always need a cheering squad for our many endurance events and team event arrivals. It takes physical labor, that satisfies the desire to serve, to do complete building and construction projects. Ask any The Ability Experience employee how you can best fit into a volunteer role.

What is the time commitment for volunteers?

The amount of time volunteering is up to you. Each event has a different time commitment and level of support needed. Our events can range from an hour-long Friendship Visit with an organization serving people with disabilities to hosting the team for a meal or facilitating overnight lodging. We also have opportunities to support local Pi Kappa Phi chapters at The Ability Experience empathy training events or other activities.

What team events can I support?

The Ability Experience team event participants enjoy seeing your smiling face cheering them on along their journey. The teams are also in need of meals and lodging. If you do not have a facility to house the team or a place to feed them, maybe you know someone or some group, organization or local business that would help in providing for these essentials.

How can I provide a meal for a team?

When a team arrives in your town, you can host them at a local restaurant, hall or building that will accommodate or deliver the meal to their lodging location. Many people provide meals with the help of a civic organization or as a family. You can also donate to The Ability Experience and have a meal purchased if you’re unable to host the team. The director of logistics can help you arrange a meal sponsorship.

What if there is not a team event near my location?

The Ability Experience Challenges event participants benefit from volunteer cheers and event support. Physical labor, procurement of tools and supplies or workforce meals and snacks are all services that have a positive impact for our regional construction events. Pi Alpha and chapter events can benefit from your expertise in facilitating, planning and execution.

How do I get involved in an event if I am not a participant?

Local volunteers support The Ability Experience Challenges runners at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. every October by organizing rally corners. Rally corners are a place for volunteers to congregate as a team and cheer on runners. To get involved, contact the Major Gifts Officer.

What volunteer opportunities are available through a local chapter of Pi Kappa Phi?

Local chapters of Pi Kappa Phi support The Ability Experience through a variety of events. Many chapters host an annual or bi-annual empathy training session for students on their campus. Chapters can also benefit from a volunteer who serves in an advisory role and can assist in the planning and execution of events and fundraising. Volunteers can also play a vital role in helping a chapter set up a local volunteer relationship with an organization. Visit our Chapters page to locate a chapter near you.