6/13/19 JOH South

Day one. A foggy and chilly morning in Santa Barbara. 65 miles of road awaited us as we circled up with some family, friends, and staff. Standing along the coast as we shivered, we all knew that in just a couple days we would be dying to get back to this weather. Much of the ride was along the ocean where we were greeted with stunning views as we headed down the coast toward Thousand Oaks. A few miles later and a shockingly steep mountain that was defeated by the cyclists with the help of a loving crew, the team arrived to lodging. A Hotel! A comfy bed and nice showers were yet another thing we were spoiled with this first day. The evening finished with an amazing dinner from our generous hosts and sponsors that stuffed us full with not just seconds, but thirds! Thank you again to all who sponsor us and help make amazing days like this possible!