6/20/19 JOH South

        Today, the team was able to have our first non-cycling day. This meant we could sleep in until 6:45 that day.  After wake up, we loaded the vans and spent most of the day at our sponsor’s, Mrs. Brigid, house and had breakfast there. Shortly after arriving, Mrs. Brigid sent some of us to do a live release of a tarantula she had trapped in a bucket. While this happened, Mrs. Brigid prepared an awesome meal of homemade biscuits, gravy, egg casserole, and fruit. Following the amazing food, Mrs. Brigid had us compete in the 10th annual, unofficial, Journey of Hope South Route Dashboard Bake.  This years theme was circus animals and the competition was fierce. Or at least, it was before we put the cookies in the vans. During the time they spent baking, some teams had their cookies transform from identifiable animals to unrecognizable blobs.  During the baking time, we spent the day talking with Mrs. Brigid about past teams, herself, and Lake Havasu while also enjoying the people. At one point, there was a standing bounty for people to do bellyflops. Some did. A lot didn’t.

        Towards the end of the day, we left Mrs. Brigid to have dinner with a different sponsor, the London Bridge Yacht Club.  While their we chatted more about Lake Havasu and how it came to be. We also ended up watching the NBA draft for a long while.  As we left the dinner, we were shown a set of needlepoint pictures of a cyclist with Journey of Hope on the top that one of the members was so gracious as to make. When we were told we could take them home with us, most if not all of us grabbed one.  Not much happened at lodging after we left the dinner. Squad duties needed to be fulfilled and everyone had to prepare for the 85 mile ride for kingman the next day.