6/22/19 JOH South

Today the team woke up at 5:00 AM for our 105 mile ride from Kingman AZ to Williams AZ. After finishing off some subway breakfast wraps the team departed around 6:30 for the ride. After taking a left turn a 1/4 mile into the ride to get back onto Route 66 the team was greeted by a strong headwind which made the first 20 miles of the ride more challenging then most anticipated. Miles 20-50 consisted of a series of difficult climbs and descents over mountain. Throughout the duration of this stretch of the ride railroad tracks ran parallel to the highway so there was a constant stream of trains to accentuate the scenic beauty of the mountain backdrops. After a quick crew lunch we began the second half of the ride which turned out to be much easier then the first as we had a strong tailwind,well paved roads, and cooler weather to assist us. The last 5 miles of the ride was a favorite among the team as we had a sharp sustained descent the remainder of the ride which allowed us to rest our legs and speed to the finish. After finishing the ride the team racked our bikes and headed to camp Civitan where we would be staying for the next two nights. We had a great time interacting with the campers at dinner while enjoying the pulled pork sandwiches the camp provided for dinner. After dinner we went outside to the stage to watch skits performed by the campers. It was a chilly, but beautiful night as stars filled the night sky. After the skits we were all exhausted from the days ride and ready for bed. We retired to lodging for much need sleep all of us excited to see the Grand Canyon the following morning and whatever other adventures may come with it.