7/13/19 JOH South

Today was a day few will forget, a short ride, lodging in a hotel, whirly ball, and an interesting restaurant to say the least. Leaving the Trinity Valley School we headed east into Dallas for a short 55 mile ride into Dallas. Upon arrival we received a warm welcome by friends and family who made the trip to see us. Lunch was dominos pizza provided by our sponsor for the day Randy Stillinger. That afternoon the team had free time to explore Dallas, spend time with friends and family or just get some much needed rest in a real bed. For dinner Randy brought us into the world of whirly ball. Whirly ball is like a mix between lacrosse, quidditch and go karting. The team had a blast playing and we also had the opportunity to play some laser tag. For dinner we had Chick-Fil-A which had the team over the moon. After more whirly ball we headed back to the hotel for a night of much needed rest on actual beds. We would like to thank Randy for sponsoring the team in Dallas and introducing us to whirly ball