7/18/19 JOH South

Today was easily one of my favorite days we’ve had so far. We got to sleep in in our spacious dorm rooms, then started the day with a great breakfast from Ms. Paulen Luttegeharm. Once we finished with that, the whole team headed over to Duck Commander, a duck-hunting merchandise store owned by the family in the TV show “Duck Dynasty.” It was pretty cool to see all the duck calls they were selling, and a few people bought shirts and hats. After the Duck Commander stop we headed to our spot for most of the day, a beautiful house on a lake where the Allen family hosted us. They had tons of fun activities set up for us from cornhole to wakeboarding and tubing. I spent almost the whole day wakeboarding and water skiing, and even managed to land a jump on the wakeboard despite never having gotten up on one before! The lunch and dinner the Allen family provided were also amazing. We had subway for lunch and then more snacks than even 25 hungry boys could finish in the afternoon, before a feast of barbecue made by a friend of the Allens. My first time in Louisiana was an absolute blast, thanks in large part to our generous hosts and their beautiful lake house.