7/23/19 JOH South

Today was a hectic day. Our ride was only 55 miles, but we had two friendship visits and an arrival. After speeding through the ride, we waited half an hour to do the arrival to our visit with United Abilities. They had a great lunch with some fried chicken that everyone was excited for. After lunch, we had some races of sorts and eventually formed into a dance party with the participants. After lunch we had an extra 15 or so miles of cycling to get to lodging. Once there, we were able to hang out for 20 or so minutes before grabbing sandwiches for a quick dinner and driving to a YMCA for showers. After showers we immediately went to a friendship visit with the Moody Miracle League and we played some softball. Most of us buddied up with the actual players and participated in the game, but because we had enough people some were taking over as announcers and adding some pretty funny commentary or were acting as dedicated fans for each team. Even though today’s schedule was completely full, the team had a great time