7/26/19 JOH South

We woke up at Carrolton High and drove to IHOP to have a sponsored meal. We stuffed our faces with pancakes, eggs, and bacon and took off for our 60 mile ride to Atlanta. We were on a time crunch so there wasn’t much lollygagging on the bikes. As Atlanta got closer, the hills increased in size but we were treated to a bike path that allowed us to go fast and make up time. 8 miles out, we stopped and met up with a squad of police officers, one participated in the Journey of Hope in 1996. We rode in a police escort into Williams Bros. BBQ restaurant for a sponsored lunch. Following the feast of delicious pulled pork, we went to Six Flags White Water center for our lodging where we showered and got a couple hours of free time in it. There was a per diem dinner allowing us to chose what to eat and then we hit downtown, seeing Atlanta and all of its glory