August 10, 2017 – Richmond, VA to Fredericksburg, VA – 60 miles 
Today we rode one of our last days on the bike into Fredericksburg, VA. This ride was a short 60 miles but ended up being one of my favorites of the trip. After a delicious Chic-fil-A breakfast sponsored by 3 time Pi Alpha Mike Valentine, our team hit the road. About 20 miles into the ride my paceline intersected with the Pi Alpha ride along. A Pi Alpha is a Pi Kapp who has completed a summer event such as Journey of Hope or Build America. The ride along had brothers of all ages, including men who rode the first Journey of Hope 30 years ago. 
My paceline decided to stay and ride with the Pi Alphas for the entire ride and we talked to them about their experience on JOH. It was amazing to hear their stories and see how impactful the journey was on shaping the men that they are today. 
We had a delicious subway lunch at lodging sponsored by a Pi Alpha named Brett Parker followed by a dinner/friendship visit with Rappahannock Adult Activities. This dinner was awesome as we had the chance to spend time with clients of differing levels of ability as well as the Pi Alphas who participated in today’s ride along. The event finished with a dance party which was our last of the journey and definitely one our most memorable.
With only 1 ride left before heading into D.C. I am excited to become a Pi Alpha with my team (who are a lot more like family at this point). I look forward to coming back for reunion rides just like these men and giving back to the organization. I know I have grown a lot on this journey and I know it will have a lasting impact on my life.
David Hittner
Kappa Delta (FAU)