August 11, 2017 – Fredericksburg, VA to Alexandria, VA – 70 miles 

Today was a great last day on the trip. It is crazy to think 58 days ago we were just leaving Long Beach, California and now are one day out from arriving into Washington D.C. We came together as a family as we traveled across the country together. As the Project Manager, I had the privilege of watching every team member grow each day. 
We had breakfast provided by a four time Pi Alpha, Ryan Foerstel. He brought some great Chick Fil A out to our lodging before the team hit the road. The team had an 85 mile ride into Alexandria which was a nice longer day for our last ride as a team. 
Once we got into our lodging, Commonwealth Academy, which took great care of us as a first year sponsor. The facility was a great spot for our team’s last night before arrival. Once, the whole team got in, we headed over to the All Team Dinner. It was great to for guys to see some of their fellow route brothers for the first time since the start of the trip. We then went as a team to Chipotle for one of our last dinners together. It is bitter sweet that this trip is coming to an end but I am truly glad I was able to be apart of this team this summer.
Joey Smith 
Delta Delta (Truman State University)