August 3, 2017 – Spartanburg, SC to Rock Hill, SC – 70 miles 

Tough ride into Rock Hill from Spartanburg! Another 5:30 AM wake up was met with groans but we all made it. Breakfast was Bojangles sponsored by the Zeta chapter at Wofford, for some of us it was their first Bojangles biscuit! South Carolina has presented us with plenty of rolling hills to keep us occupied and the beautiful weather hasn’t hurt. After 70 miles of either ascending or descending we arrived at the Giordana Velodrome, home of the last 6 world championships for track bicycle racing. There we had a lunch sponsored by Ken Berko and we proceeded to relax and run errands until dinner at a local Bar-B-Que restaurant where we ate to our hearts content. Thank you to John McLaughlin a 2016 South Route Pi Alpha for sponsoring this delicious meal! Off to Charlotte tomorrow!

Chad Whitehead 

Beta Eta (Florida State University)