Day 0 – Orientation, June 8th, 2019

We woke up in the Marin Hostel in the midst of huge eucalyptus trees. In my case, I was woken up by our project manager falling down the ladder from the bunk above me. We then headed to a crew chief breakfast that was supplied by our crew chief, Antonio. By 10:00 AM, everyone on the team had split up and either gone to explore the beautiful city of San Francisco, or met up with their parents. Those in San Fransisco visited iconic sites such as fishermen’s wharf, and ate very expensive seafood lunches. There were plenty of Sea Lions sun bathing on the wharf with the temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees. Others went with their families and did their own exploring around Nor Cal. After this, we all came back to the hostel and drove into the incredible city of Sausalito. In Sausalito, we were all fortunate to eat a fantastic meal that was sponsored by the Kaskie family. They are a very lovely and generous family and we all really enjoyed the pasta bar and brownies they had set out for us. The various traffic signs on the table was also a very classy touch. All in all, the hostel is housing plenty of hikers and Journeymen, but we have the greatest journey ahead of us as we get ready to kick off the bike ride tomorrow. It was nice and all to have an off-day without any cycling, but I think both the cyclists and the very talented crew are all itching to get on the road and start this journey.

-Bridger Tenney, Eta Chi, TCU