Day 0

Day 0 – Long Beach, CA

Hi folks! Today we started off with a nice 25 mile practice ride along the beach to practice the skills we have been learning as we prepare for our departure. I am far from a professional cyclist, but I can say with confidence that we look good out there on the road. There was one point where I really had a chance to embrace the moment of riding where we were (a far cry from my home roads in Hamden, Conn.). 
The real joy of the day came from our first friendship visit with AbilityFirst. They offer all different services for every age group of their clientele. A group of me and three other guys were assigned to hang out with the 18-22 year old group, some of whom were older than some of our team members. This was a unique experience for me, as I have never interacted with any disabled people over the age of 11. 
I spent most of my day with a recent high school graduate who was a huge Ke$ha fan and a gym addict. He wouldn’t let me forget who had the bigger muscles and would always be ready with an “oh yeah!” And high five. We danced some Zumba and ate some snow cones and enjoyed the day just as two friends should. I am beyond excited to make more friends on the way to D.C.! 
Love you Mom and Dad! 
Murphy Siegel, Cyclist
Iota Lambda (Quinnipiac)