Day 2

Thursday was the first day we were together with the whole team. We all woke up together and have our crew chief breakfast and talked trying to get to know one another more. We did a few bonding activities such as a name game, or sitting in circles describing what the mission of this trip means to us. That broke down our walls more and more for each of us to get  a chance and take a glimpse at what kind of brother we are.
We went over the rules and made our own expectations for what we want to accomplish this summer as a team and I can say after today I am ready to start our tool training tomorrow to get the training we need to make these camps great and make the campers smile. We all want to start our summer off with a bang and what better way to do it than getting to know one another to make this experience great for us all.
Dustin Brown 
Build America 2017 
Operations Coordinator