Day 11: Baker Nevada, June 19th 2019

Today’s 60 mile ride led us to Baker, Nevada. This was a long, hot ride, but had some beautiful views. Along the route, we all exchanged stories to pass the time and get to know one another. It has been really sweet to see the relationships that have been forged, and I cannot wait to see how strong of bonds we will hold in Washington D.C. Once we arrived to Baker, a few of us drove into the scenic route of Basin National Forest, which was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the highway was closed mid-way due to snow. However, we made the most of it by having a free-for-all snowball fight. This trip has been so inspiring and it is amazing how we all keep breaking our mental capacities by cycling each mile. Tomorrow we finish this state and move into Utah, and I am so excited.

– Brandon Dill, Winthrop University (Epsilon Eta)