Day 13

We arrived at Camp Wawbeek yesterday to a warm welcome by campers and staff. The evening camp fire program really had me excited for our first day of work. With this camp being a kids camp, the atmosphere was very high energy and playful; I spent most my evening playing catch or singing camp fire songs. 
Today we woke up early, had breakfast with the campers, and went out to start the project. I was nervous about the pirate ship before arriving at camp, but construction has been running smoothly. There has been plenty of prepping boards and laying foundation but the team has been working together well.
I was sent to an afternoon program where I played some camp games with the campers, staff, and other BAM members. Encounters like that make the trip much more memorable as the times with campers are always worthwhile . Tomorrow holds more construction and camp programs and I am excited to start it.


Danny Linder

Build America 2017