Day 15: Park City Utah, June 23rd 2019

Today, the cyclists climbed 4000 feet from Salt Lake City to Park City. Even with the headwind climb, the team embraced the 30 miles as a part of a 3-day series of rest after riding non-stop since California (there is a non-riding day in both SLC and Park City).

At the top of the climb, the view over the crystal clear lake was none other than deserved for the the preceded climb. At the correct angle, the lake reflects all that is in the sky and the engulfing mountains.

The ride once again reminded us of a concept that we cyclists sometimes loves, but sometime also dreaded: every climb is rewarded by a sweet downhill, and every long downhill stretch also foreshadowed an arduous climb.

Arriving at Park City, the town that continues to breathe the spirits of the 2002 Winter Olympics, one cannot help but to be inspired by the stories of all the athletes that have worked their entire lives just to come to this very location.

The only way to properly summarize this day of the trip is “self reflection.” Much like the view over the lake, we sometimes can only find the clarity and beauty through hardship if we only look through the correct angles; much like the up and downs while riding, life can be realized to be never only going uphill or downhill.

I am honored to be riding with a group of men who are hungry, aspired, and sold out. I am grateful for this day.

-Alan Yang, Cyclist