Day 16: Park City Utah (off day), June 24th 2019

Today we had an off day in beautiful Park City, Utah! The team traveled to Olympic Park where we walked through the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center. The second floor of the museum pays homage specifically to the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games where sections of the massive floats and brilliant, iridescent costumes used in the Opening Ceremony still hang on the walls. Next, the team sat in the bleachers and watch skiers from around the world practice on the aerial jumps. The Olympic athletes spin thirty and forty feet in the air and splash land into a pool as they train during the off-season for their events. Afterwards most of the team participated in zip-lining and tubing before we exited the park. The team traveled to the National Ability Center where we met up with awesome campers aged 8-18 and enjoyed a Disney themed scavenger hunt along the premises in 4 different groups. We all had an amazing and special time spending time with the kids while getting to learn all about the National Ability Center. After the much needed off day, the team met up to discuss the past week and look forward to continuing our journey

– Cal Wonham, University of Colorado-Boulder (Eta Gamma)