Day 15

Today we got an extra thirty minutes of sleep and woke up at 7:30. From circle up we went straight to breakfast where I ate with Amante, who has been keeping us entertained all week. After that it was right back to work, as we needed to make good progress on the pirate ship as well as start a shed today. We worked on getting the cut list and the plans all ready until lunch, and after that I went with a handful of other guys to start the shed by the archery range. 

After hours of dealing with the shed project, it was time for dinner and then programming. The camp had an outdoor variety show planned for the night, where we got to enjoy the talents of many campers. One of my favorite acts was put on by Austin, who put on a show full of basketball tricks. He spun it, changed fingers, and showed off all kinds of dribble skills. Another fun act was the singing of TNT by AC/DC, which our brother Matt joined in on, doing his best Angus Young impression. Finally, towards the end of the night one of the campers sang Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, and the entire crowd was belting it out. I couldn’t have wished for a better ending to the night.


Davin Newsome

Build America 2017