Day 19: Craig Colorado, June 27th 2019

The team departed from Vernal, Utah, this Thursday morning for Craig, Colorado. After waking up and circling up for the day, the team departed on its third century day of 122 miles. The team stopped at the border between Utah and Colorado to take a picture at around mile 30 of the day. After crossing the border, the team quickly reached Dinosaur, Colorado, a town which celebrated the various paleontology discoveries from the area. The team continued through Colorado until finally reaching the town of Craig. The team had lodging at the Boy’s and Girl’s club of Craig where some of them played with the kids who were there until the last paceline of cyclists arrived and were ready to travel to the friendship visit. At 6 o’clock the team left for its friendship visit and dinner. After a delicious dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, and macaroni and cheese, followed by dessert with a cake with the JOH logo, the team began the annual water balloon fight with the friendship visit’s attendees. A water balloon fight is a type of affair where treachery is par for the course. No one was dry after twenty minutes. After cleaning up, the team went back to lodging for some well-deserved rest.

– John Hamlin, Oklahoma University (Alpha Gamma)