Day 19

We spent today, Sunday July 16, in Denver, CO and arrived at Rocky Mountain Village in Empire, CO earlier this evening. Because of Rocky Mountain Village’s schedule, we were able to spend almost 5 hours in downtown Denver. Many of us went souvenir shopping and a few of us (including me) got haircuts, finally! One of our team members, Austin, is actually from the University of Denver and was able to show us around and later take us to a great mountain lookout. 
We left Denver at about 2pm for Empire, CO, but of course, stopped for the views! Entering the Rocky Mountain region was stunning and breathtaking! Rocky Mountain Village is a gorgeous camp that falls under Easter Seals Colorado. Upon arrival we met with the Camp Director and went over projects for the week and lodging. The lodging is great because it’s in an amazing building with beds, AC and hot showers! The team took time to relax and settle in. And take in more views! The day ended with a few guys watching the premier of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Winter is here!
Patrick Lucitt, 
ÆÆ Chapter, Truman State University 
Community Relations Coordinator