Day 2: Sacramento, June 10th 2019

Day 2: Sacramento

Our first day yesterday was a challenge for the team, but today’s sense of urgency and commitment were consistent themes of the day. An early wake up and breakfast set us into full motion in order to beat the brutal heat we were set to face in our trip from Napa to Sacramento. Our day of riding started with some early hills and gorgeous views of Napa Valley vineyards and forestry. Crew Chief Chef Antonio prepared a great lunch that featured a surprise in ham and cheese tortilla wraps! Snacks and drinks provided by the crew along the way as always. Following lunch, we rode fairly flat and speedy into Sacramento in our best efforts to beat the 100 degree heat and strong sun that’s already turning our group into an army of farmer tans. Our team of cyclists, crew, and coaches performed so well today that we got into our lodging (at First Church) several hours before our scheduled friendship visit. This allowed for some much needed naps and trips to the bike shop and Wal-Mart. At our visit today we enjoyed pizza with our new friends and engaged in arts and crafts. We all had much to learn from these incredible artists, many of whom sell their work for money. We all painted California magnets or key chains and enjoyed each other’s company and conversation. It definitely was nice to be sitting down inside after the outdoor ride today. Overall, today proved the perseverance and potential our team has, with everyone having fun on the ride, visit, and all stops in between. Excited to see us keep the momentum rolling!

-Phil “From Philly” Piasecki, Kappa, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill