Day 21

Today we woke up at 7:30 to get ready for the day. At 8:30 we all left to get breakfast with the campers and today I decided to sit down at a table with a few campers who I got to know pretty well. We went back and fourth talking about cars and video games. A little boy named Logan and I got to talking about superheroes and that conversation just started my day off great. Myself and a couple other people did an errand run for everyone since we did not need a lot of guys on the work site to begin with. We bonded in the car over different types of music and looking at the wonderful views of Colorado. Once we got back it had been thundering and lightening, and found out it started to hail. Once we got back everyone was inside drying off, and myself and Quinn went back to the worksite to get a start on what we were not able to help with. Within 2 hours we finished cementing the blocks and helping deck when everyone came back up after the required 30 minutes. In the evening after we packed up we joined the campers again for dinner, I sat with my table again and joined in with the group songs that go along with the meal and announcements. The programming that night was a movie, but we did our mid-team evaluation on how everything was going. As far as we are, we all have grown this bond between one another that I hope will continue throughout the next 3 weeks. Our curfew was 9:30 because our brother Austin is planning on taking us on a hike to Mt. Evans to see the sun rise.