Day 23

This morning I decided to sit in a different table for breakfast. Suddenly I felt two tiny taps on my left shoulder. Turned and saw a little girl standing there with a smile on her face. Lily was her name.
I wasn’t feeling that well during the day so I had to skip lunch and stay in to rest. I felt so bad because I promised that I’ll be there for lunch but I couldn’t.
With her eyebrows frowned, Lily opened up our dinner conversation by saying, “I missed you for lunch, I was sad.” My heart suddenly melt, I looked at her in the eyes and truthfully said, “I’m here now for dinner, and I’ll be there with you for the dance party as well!”
It’s crazy how one sentence can make a huge impact to people. She instantly had a big smile on her face, and that’s when I know I truly made the connection with her. It was priceless, and I’d give anything just to keep that smile on her face.
There’s so much more I would like to share, but one of the most impactful moments was when she asked to climb onto my back during the dance party. Knowing that she felt safe and happy was the best thing in the world. I wish you all the best Lily, may we meet again!