Day 26: Fort Morgan Colorado, July 4th 2019

Today we woke up from our wonderful hotel beds in the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Denver to a crew chief breakfast. We had circle up with all of the remaining parents and family members so that they could see our morning routine. We then began the ride where we navigated our way through downtown Denver then got on a bike bath out of the city. We then rode on back roads through farmlands into Fort Morgan where we are staying at a beautiful Methodist Church. It was a little difficult to get back on the bike after a few easier days and two days off. Once we all got back in the groove of things, the ride flew by. Fort Morgan is a cool town in the flat lands of Colorado and as we rode in we saw American flags everywhere due to today being Independence Day! We were served a delicious meal of Sloppy Joe’s at the local Elk’s Lodge, who has been sponsoring the team since 1988! We then watched Talladega Nights as a team to celebrate the 4th of July! Overall it was a great day in which we got back into the groove of things!

-Chase Rogers
Texas Christian University- Eta Chi