Day 27


Today was our first day at Down Home Ranch. We woke up and had a home cooked breakfast of eggs, sausage, and bacon. We had to sit around a while in the morning as the crew chief got the project worked out for us. For our project, we were assigned to clean out and renovate one of the barns on the ranch. Initially, one team was assigned to take things out of the barn and the other team was assigned to taking the things from the barn to a dump. I was apart of the former team. In cleaning out the barn, we found brown recluses, black widows, countless wasp nests, and a foot and half long rat. After lunch, we went back to the barn and finished unloading everything. We then swept the floor of the entire barn and went back to lodging. After showering and napping, we went to dinner and went swimming immediately afterwards. Once it got dark, we went back to lodging and went to bed.