Day 28

It is our second full day at Down Home Ranch. Wake up was at 7:30 with breakfast being made by one of the team members Dylan from Beta Iota. We had sausage and eggs to prepare us for a long day of work.

At Down Home Ranch we are renovating a barn so the ranchers can use it more than a storage unit. Unfortunately there is a lot of junk in the barn we had to carry out and drop off at the dump. There was a lot of wild life living in the barn, especially wasps and black widows. We split up into two different teams after we cleared out all the items in the barn. One team was dedicated to repainting the interior of the barn and the other team was dedicated to replacing paneling in a small room.

After a days work we had dinner in the cafeteria then headed to the pool. Several of us swam laps while others relaxed in the jacuzzi.

We wrapped up the night playing some card games before all heading to bed