Day 31: Grand Island Nebraska (off day), July 9th 2019

Starting the day off with Breakfast at Tommy’s couldn’t have been any better. The sausage, pancakes, and eggs were exactly how I remember them back at home with the help of our hostess Julie and the owners Eric and Marilyn. After breakfast, we went on a few tours of facilities around Grand Island that specializes to help people with disabilities develop career skills such as Goodwill and Mid Nebraska Individualized Services. Lunch began just after our tour of Ashley Park where we saw the work past teams and Build America have built and heard the personal stories of Jason Tirado’s impact on the community and Angel’s story. Lunch was incredible with Runza’s original sandwich with sonic slushees and free time for tossing the football and frisbee. After lunch, we went bowling for hours on end and I was completely not ready to get destroyed by Tom, Danny and others. The hardest part of the day happened after we ate and danced at Resurrection Catholic Church for the Arc of Nebraska and our other wonderful sponsors. We had to leave our great friends to rest up for our ride the next day; however, our memories and friendships of Grand Island will never leave our hearts.

– Richard Hyman, UCF Eta Psi