Day 32

Today we left Fort Worth for St. Louis. The drive was long but the sight seeing always makes the traveling easier. In Oklahoma we stopped at Pop’s where there was an overwhelming amount of sodas, it was a pretty amusing stop. We got to meet one of our temam member’s family. Being that we were in Oklahoma they were pleasntly surprised to hear the whole team say “Horns down, Boomer sooner, Baby!” We were glad to meet the family, and that we could make their stop a little bit more enjoyable with a bit of Oklahoma Pride… after all there is only one Oklahoma, respectfully of course. 


We were met in STL with generous sponsors, and a very filling pasta and pizza dinner. We had the privilege of staying at the Matteson Square Garden sports complex. It was a great lodging location, and the sponsors really hooked us up with an awesome breakfast, and plenty of food and drinks to take with us on the road.