Day 34

We Started the day getting up nice and early at 6:30. As we got ready for the work day we made our to the dining hall to get our breakfast. After eating our fantastic breakfast we made our way to the work site. We added another coat of paint to the amphitheatre and after we completed that, we made our way to a dock overlooking a pond. Three guys volunteered, including myself, to go paint a different part of Camp Little Giant. The three of us started painting a shed before we had to return to the dining hall for lunch. Before lunch and dinner we do a circle up with the campers and we all sing camp songs (takes about 15 minutes). I personally have a blast singing the camp songs and seeing all the campers yell and have a lot of fun with the variety of camp songs. After our lunch break with the campers, we then returned to our designated work site to finish as much of the painting as possible. The three of us and the hired painter completed painting the shed before the deadline for the day. 
After our work day of strictly painting, majority of us went over to the camp lake with the campers to swim, and we joined them to partake in the beach activity. It’s a lot of fun swimming around and throwing a football around along with tossing a frisbee around. After the beach we proceeded to dinner with the energetic circle up before. Then it was time for evening programming! For evening programming we did a hayride, but the twist to it was the counselors were mad scientists and took the campers around to five different locations. While they were doing that, all of us were dressed up in costumes as the mad scientists wild creations. This was so much fun. So as the hayride made it to my group of four which ended up being the first stop. The four of us started acting crazy like we were out of control as true wild creations. The way the mad scientists and campers calmed us down was they played a song. Once the song was playing, we started dancing to it and slowly but surely calmed down as if the mad scientists were taming their creations. The hayride then proceed to the next four stops where the campers were in for quite a treat. It was a lot of fun entertaining the campers with our bizarre behavior. 

Josh Reichert 
Build America Team Member