Day 35

Today at Camp Little Giant we all woke up at 7:30 to a phenomenal breakfast of eggs, sausages and bacon to start off. A group of us went to morning programming with campers and other half went to paint. The group I was with went to paint the benches outside of the dining hall. That was a cool experience because the campers were watching us and yelling “good job!” and things like that. Once we got to lunch, a little girl stole my water bottle for fun and made me sing “I’m a little tea pot” to get it back. We got done with the worksite around 2:30, which was nice cause then we joined the campers for afternoon activities such as going to the lake at 3:00 to go swimming with everyone. After dinner half of us went fishing and half stayed to play sports, which the half that played sports got to play a very fun game of capture the flag. It was so much fun interacting with the campers, running around, chasing one another and seeing brothers interacting with everyone else. That last for about 2 hours which is the longest they have played that game before. We all got to bed early that night for another early wake up to finish everything on the site.