Day 37

Today was our last day on the work site at Camp Little Giant and due to much of our hard work from earlier in the week, we had nearly completed all the projects the camp had set out for us to do this week. Because of this, we finished before lunch time and we were able to spend extra time with the campers. I personally got the chance to go to a unique place near camp called castle park with the campers. I had a great time playing zombie tag at this castle/playground with the campers before going back for lunch. 

The rest of the day was just as much of a blast as the morning. The camp hosted a talent show for the campers in which some of the team participated in right up there alongside the kids. After the talent show, the whole team busted a move with the campers, jamming out and having a dance party before dinner. 

After dinner we got the whole camp together, campers, counselors, and team members, for an all-out massive game of capture the flag. We had a lot of fun and by the end, everybody was exhausted. It was a long day filled with fun and activities. 
Even though we only worked for a couple hours, today was a really special opportunity for all of us to interact and hang out with the campers. For me personally, it was one of my favorite days of the entire trip. Getting to talk with the campers, play games, goof off and just have fun is a big part of what this trip is all about– building community and friendship and bonding with people of all abilities with fun and games.  The whole team was really excited about being able to make these connections, and I think the kids from Little Giant felt the same way. It’s a little bittersweet having to leave tomorrow after such a great day, but hopefully, all the campers have had such a good time with us this week and will remember these times just as fondly as we all will. Thank you, Camp Little Giant for a great week but tomorrow it’s back on the road for our final week of the trip.